Top Golf Courses to Explore in Chateau D’ Augerville

Golfing has become one of the leading sports in the world and what a better place to play it than in the warm weather south of Paris. Chateau D’ Augerville is an area dotted with golf courses and this attracts lots of golfers and their families to just come and have a good time here. The following are some of the top golf courses that you should explore. We just finished up an epic move with the help of TDY Moving & Storage so we really deserve a golfing getaway!

The Golf D’ Augerville

This is a beautiful 18 hole golf course that since its establishment has positioned itself as the most beautiful golf course in France. It was created by Olivia Dongradi, an architect, in 1995. This golf course swiftly weaves its way through some of the most beautiful woodland and its immaculate playing surface complements the vegetation.

Its 6813 yards par 72 layout is a mixture of rolling landscape with different elevations. This golf course creates a unique challenge even for the best golfers in the world and this is even what makes it very attractive. There are lots of water features and abundant wildlife. The l’Essonne River meanders through the golf course and contributes to the dramatic finishing hole right in front of the magnigficant Chateau.

Golf De Fontainebleau

This golf course was inaugurated in 1909 and is arguably one of the oldest in the country. Originally, the course was created by Julien Chantepie and later in 1920 it was redesigned by Tom Simpson and modified by Fred Hawtree. It is located in the serene Fontainebleau forest close to the town on some ancient imperial hunting grounds.

Its fairways are narrow and lined with a number of different tree species including the wild cherry, centenary oak, pines, and silver birch. It is one of the well-equipped golf courses with about 103 fine sand bankers, dense outcrops of brooms, wonderful jennets, ferns and lilacs. The combination of all this makes the course difficult, yet attractive. Depending on the season when you tee off, you may enjoy scents of nature and a symphony of colors.

Thanks to its sandy ground, the course is softer and perfectly playable at any moment irrespective of the weather conditions.

Exclusiv’ Gold de Cely

This golf course is located 45 kilometer south of Paris along the edge of Fontainebleau forest. It extends over an expanse of 55 hectares. Over centuries, the 18-hole par 72 course has been renovated and transformed.

It consists of a club house which has a bar and restaurant as well as the golf reception. There is also a 14th century castle with lots of rooms designed to accommodate seminars and receptions. There is also a training area of 12 posts which accommodate golfers who want to practice and progress at their own pace.

Golf Belesbat

Located in the countryside of Essonne, this golf course is about an hour’s drive south of Paris. Playing on this golf course is like taking a journey into history. It is located at the feet of a magnificent castle built in the 15th century. It is an 18-hole and covers 6033 meters.

Hotels near Chateau D’ Augerville

If you are planning a visit to Chateau D’ Augerville, one of the questions you must address is where to spend your time. Inasmuch as there are a huge number of activities and places to see in and around Chateau D’ Augerville, one thing you must acknowledge is that you will need a place to rest so at to rejuvenate for the next day’s activities.

One of the indisputable facts with this region is the number of world class yet affordable hotels. You will in doubt find the perfect place not just to sleep but also to enjoy the experience as well. Below are some of the top hotels in the area.

Golf Hotel Chateau D’ Augerville

This hotel is a real haven of peace. It is located right by the border of the Regional Park of Gatinais which is just an hour if you are driving from Paris. If you are the kind of person who loves checking out what the internet has, there is free Wi Fi throughout the property.

The hotel is home to the 18-hole golf course which has been classified among the most beautiful golf courses in France. Before you indulge in the evening, you may want to treat yourself to a few golfing rounds.

Inasmuch as this hotel is rated 4 stars, its restaurant is one of the best and you are assured your dining requirements will be met. For pleasant views on a warm evening, you can opt for terrace.

Golf Hotel de I’Ecu de France

This hotel is situated in a 17th century coaching inn and lies 6 km from Chateau D’ Augerville golf club. While here, you will enjoy traditional French cuisine which is served in the restaurant and if you like it, you can also enjoy a drink on your private terrace.

Each of the guest rooms in the hotel has a flat screen TV with free Wi Fi and satellite channels. The rooms are individually decorated and are floored with parquet. The guest rooms have private bathrooms and some of them even have hair dryers.

Golf Hotel Caribou Aventures

This hotel has a leisurely and sporty atmosphere thanks to its location. If you are a fan of tree climbing, volleyball and zip wire, then this hotel is your ideal place. It is located at the heart of the Fontainebleau forest which is about 25 km from Nemours.

The hotel has satellite TVs and private bathrooms. For the guests who opt to stay in suspended tent, they can have access to shared bathroom facilities. Breakfast is served each morning at the Caribou Aventures.

Golf Hotel Gite in Fontainebleau

This is for barbecue lovers especially families with kids. The hotel comes with a sun terrace and children’s playground. The property is located in La Chapelle la Reine which is 14 km from Fontainebleau. There is also free Wi Fi in and around the property and you also get free private parking.


Modern and Traditional Cuisine Restaurants in Chateau D’ Augerville

Chateau D’ Augerville has some of the most diverse restaurants serving different kinds of dishes from traditional cuisine all the way to contemporary dishes. Whatever your taste, visiting Chateau D’ Augerville region will certainly excite your taste buds. Below are some of the outstanding restaurants in this area.

Restaurant Jacques Coeur

This restaurant is located at the heart of the vineyard Roannaise coast. It is open from Wednesdays all the way to Sunday afternoons. Even if you are a group, you can still make reservations and have your meals ready by the time you arrive.

This restaurant exposes you to the finest in French cuisine as the professional chefs source local produce to create seasonal menus that excite and delight your taste buds. To start your gourmet experience, try Caille de chevre with Beluga lentil broth, tartare de saumon & saint Jacques served with seaweed toast and corn blinis. For dessert, you can indulge yourself in one of the homemade dessert. The main course comes in different varieties from the local Gatinais chicken to ribeye steak and filet de boeuf.

If you have a corporate outing and you just want something a bit different for your team, then you can opt for the interactive cooking class which is usually hosted by the chef. The beauty with these classes is that they use the finest local ingredients and you actually participate in making your own exquisite traditional French cuisine.

Atelier Beauvallet Brasserie

This restaurant was opened in September 2015 and is one of those that has exciting menus. The chefs have mastered the art of making dishes that reflect the heritage of the 18th century building in which the restaurant is housed, also known as The Farm of the Chateau. Most of the dishes here are made using seasonal and regional products. Thanks to the warm friendly environment, you can have a relaxed dining experience in this restaurant.

The delicious dishes served in Atelier Beauvallet Brasserie are accompanied with a carefully chosen set of wines that makes it extremely heavenly. If you are the type who enjoys cooking classes, you will certainly have a time of your life in this restaurant. You will be educated and trained in the art of perfect meat cookery. If you have any corporate or team building event, you can liaise with the management for advance bookings.

Chateau D’ Augerville Chocolate Factory

This is where taste buds are genuinely seduced. The chocolate factory consists of a number of flavors that you can enjoy including orangettes, ganache, praline, gingembrettes, as well as the somewhat old fashioned candies, nougats, and marshmallows.

If you have always wanted to learn how to make your own chocolates then this is the ultimate chocolate factory. You will be taken through expert guided, pastry and chocolate classes. The venue is open the entire week and there is a whole team that is at your disposal just to ensure that your needs and desires are met.


Chateau D’ Augerville – Exploring the Loire Valley

Spanning a stretch of 280 km, the Loire Valley is located right at the middle of the Loire River within the Center-Val de Loire administrative region in Central France. Due to the abundance of fruit orchards, vineyards, asparagus fields, and artichoke, this area is referred to as the Garden of France and the Cradle of the French.

If you visit Chateau D’ Augerville, you cannot afford not to explore the Loire Valley. It has lots of must-see and must-experience features and activities for both adults and children. If you want to dig into the history of France then Loire Valley part of which was added as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000 is an area you must set foot on.

The Chateau Experience

It is almost impossible to talk about the Loire Valley without mentioning its historical features- the Chateaux. The relationship between the valley and the Chateaux is special. These features are symbols of French Renaissance and 21 of them form part of the Grand Sites du Val de Loire.

Some of the Chateaux including Chateau D’ Augerville are still lived up to today and as a visitor, you can walk in and explore to satisfy your imagination of what life used to be like. Some of them even offer accommodation.

The Gardens

The Loire Valley is full of pretty gardens. There are many green species within the valley that you can explore for fun as well as for informative reasons. Some of the gardens include Terra Botanica and Arboretum national des Barres. The latter contains trees drawn from all 5 continents. Some of the gardens give you the opportunity to have peaceful strolls such as the Parc Oriental de Maulevrier. For those looking for a romantic walk, the Garden of a Thousand Roses is the place to visit.

Cycling Trails

Are you a biking fan? Loire Valley gives you an opportunity to explore it through bikes. The perfect harmony created by its vineyards, landscapes, and Chateaux; offers itself for exploration thanks to its cycling routes that crisscross the region. One of the well-known cycling tracks is La Loire a Velo. This track runs along the river all the way down to the estuary in Saint Brevine les Pins. Some others include St. James’ Way, the Chateaux of the Loire and the Indre Valley.

Nature Strolls

Loire Valley is home to some of the most unique biodiversity. In summer, the Loire Valley is gentle and captivates the local residents with its burst of changing colors. All around the valley, human, plant and animal life has developed in perfect harmony with one another. You will find insects and beavers sharing riverbanks, deserted lands and ponds while birds of prey and deer live in the vast forests of Orleans and Sologne.

You can easily discover all these plant and animal species by way of foot or by biking along the discovery trails in the nature parks. If you want a more panoramic or observatory point of view, you can go for the hot air balloon.