Chateau D’ Augerville – Exploring the Loire Valley

Spanning a stretch of 280 km, the Loire Valley is located right at the middle of the Loire River within the Center-Val de Loire administrative region in Central France. Due to the abundance of fruit orchards, vineyards, asparagus fields, and artichoke, this area is referred to as the Garden of France and the Cradle of the French.

If you visit Chateau D’ Augerville, you cannot afford not to explore the Loire Valley. It has lots of must-see and must-experience features and activities for both adults and children. If you want to dig into the history of France then Loire Valley part of which was added as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000 is an area you must set foot on.

The Chateau Experience

It is almost impossible to talk about the Loire Valley without mentioning its historical features- the Chateaux. The relationship between the valley and the Chateaux is special. These features are symbols of French Renaissance and 21 of them form part of the Grand Sites du Val de Loire.

Some of the Chateaux including Chateau D’ Augerville are still lived up to today and as a visitor, you can walk in and explore to satisfy your imagination of what life used to be like. Some of them even offer accommodation.

The Gardens

The Loire Valley is full of pretty gardens. There are many green species within the valley that you can explore for fun as well as for informative reasons. Some of the gardens include Terra Botanica and Arboretum national des Barres. The latter contains trees drawn from all 5 continents. Some of the gardens give you the opportunity to have peaceful strolls such as the Parc Oriental de Maulevrier. For those looking for a romantic walk, the Garden of a Thousand Roses is the place to visit.

Cycling Trails

Are you a biking fan? Loire Valley gives you an opportunity to explore it through bikes. The perfect harmony created by its vineyards, landscapes, and Chateaux; offers itself for exploration thanks to its cycling routes that crisscross the region. One of the well-known cycling tracks is La Loire a Velo. This track runs along the river all the way down to the estuary in Saint Brevine les Pins. Some others include St. James’ Way, the Chateaux of the Loire and the Indre Valley.

Nature Strolls

Loire Valley is home to some of the most unique biodiversity. In summer, the Loire Valley is gentle and captivates the local residents with its burst of changing colors. All around the valley, human, plant and animal life has developed in perfect harmony with one another. You will find insects and beavers sharing riverbanks, deserted lands and ponds while birds of prey and deer live in the vast forests of Orleans and Sologne.

You can easily discover all these plant and animal species by way of foot or by biking along the discovery trails in the nature parks. If you want a more panoramic or observatory point of view, you can go for the hot air balloon.